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Hey Wrap, Natural Hair, Protective Styles, Turban, Head Wrap StylesHey Curvy Crew,

If you’ve been a part of the crew for a while now, then you already know that I love head wraps. About 80% of my Instagram posts show me in some form of a head wrap. I love the diversity of a head wrap and I love how you can take a simple outfit and really elevate it by adding a head wrap.

To style a head wrap is very easy. To be honest, I learned to style them by playing in the mirror. I’d take a wrap, which is usually scarf for Target or H&M and start to play with looks. Wrapping the scarf in different ways and find looks that I felt fit me and the style I was looking for.

A head wrap is the perfect way to conceal your protective style, hide you bad hair day or just leave everyone in the room shook with your stunning look.

In the video below, I’ve created four styles that I love to wear all the time. I mix up the patterns and colors of the wrap to add a little something to a simple look, or if you really want to make them talk, create a makeup look that compliments the colors in the wrap. You will have everyone taking a double take.

Check out these 4 easy styles that I created and let me know which one is your favorite.


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