5 Things I’ve Learned in 2014


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5 Things I’ve Learned in 2014


  1. Letting Go of what God has released in your life.

This was the biggest lesson for me in 2014. Most of you are not aware because I tend to keep my private life private, but my husband and I separated over 7 months ago and have had little to no communication since. As a Christian woman I fought hard and prayed hard for my marriage. I also had moments of anger, self-doubt and self-pity. I blamed myself for my marriage coming to end. But then I realized that it takes two to fight for a marriage. It takes two to help build a marriage so it lasts through the ups and downs. I’ve been in the ring by myself fighting. And that’s when it hit me! How can I fight alone? So, I then quieted my mind and stayed in prayer for several days and then it came to me. My marriage was over and I no longer had to fight by myself. It was time to release my husband and myself. If we were not happy in the marriage there is no way we would be happy just because I wanted to salvage the relationship because I was a Christian. So, I’ve learned to Let Go and Allow God to come into that empty space and fill my life with what He has for me.

The moment I let go and allowed God into that space, my life began to change. New opportunities started to fill the space, new people came into my life and a new-found spirit that had been lying dormant for so many years was released. 7 months later, I’m a different person. A woman with bigger goals, a bigger heart and truly humbled by this experience.

I’m grateful for the separation because it’s allowed me to grow in ways I didn’t even know were possible. And as for love, I will always be in love with loving someone. Love is so important and I will not allow any moments in my life make me feel that loving someone isn’t worth the heartache and pain because it is so worth it!!!


  1. I’m Stronger than I thought

I’ve been in a relationship since I was in my early twenties so I never experienced life on my own. I went from my mother’s house, to living with a roommate, to living with my husband. But within the last year, I’ve had to handle so many aspects of my life without having someone to lean on. Some days were easier than others but as I look back over this time period and see all the things that I handled on my own. It amazes me. I’m so much stronger that I ever thought I was. And truthfully, I take no credit. It is my faith in God that has given me the strength to endure the trials and tribulations that life has thrown my way.

My faith in knowing that God had/has something better for me each and everyday kept me going. The strength that I’ve been blessed with could only come from the Master of all things.

Last year, we lost our Grandmother who was the Rock of the family, this year we lost an Aunt and my marriage ended, so I truly didn’t feel like I would make it through But God!

Today, I walk in the strength of my faith knowing that God is watching over me and my path is laid out in front of me, ready for me to take the first steps. And yes, I know there will be more tests of my faith and strength but with God, I have no fear!


  1. Every experience happens to build your character.        

It’s funny. When you go through your personal issues it’s tough. In the moment you don’t see the strength, Faith, Guidance or Opportunity. All you see is the issue. Our human nature allows us to dwell on all the negative aspects of what we are going through.

We have to physically fight to stay positive, fight to put faith first, fight to move forward. But once we choose to fight…The doors of opportunity burst open!

Something that most of us don’t realize is that during our time of trials and tribulations, our character is being built. We come out of our situations better, more knowledgeable, better equipped for the next thing to come along, humbled and willing to submit to God! To hand it over and lay it all on the altar before Him. Our character has been made stronger in Him. Character building can be tough because we have to go through something in order for our character grow. But it’s well worth it in the end because great character produces vast wisdom.


  1. True Friendship builds you up when you’re down.

When the chips are down, your true friends will reveal themselves. When my marriage was at its breaking point, I reached out to some friends and it was funny to see the reaction. I had the friend, who turned my issue into her issue and before long I was consoling her. I had the friend that would be texting on her phone while I’m pouring out my soul to her, I had the friend that went back and told all my business to people who truly don’t know me…well they do now! But most of all, I had that friend that was there. The friend that allowed me to have my moments and embraced the fact that was going through something and just wanted to be there for me. So, if today was “be mad” day, then “we” were mad. If today was “be sad” day, then she allowed me to be sad, but only for a moment. She wouldn’t allow me to carry that for too long.

I am truly grateful for the friends and people who God has placed in my life. During my time of need, each person in my life played a significant role in helping me to be a better person and helping me to get through life’s ups and downs.

Friendships are made stronger through times of hardship and I’m grateful for the people in my life.


  1. Don’t carry life’s baggage into the new year.

November and December of 2014, have been extremely enlightening. God placed people, moments, stories, bible verses and so much more in front of me everyday in the last two months. I don’t know if it’s was just that my eyes and heart were more open than ever before, but each day, I’ve had epiphanies  that have slightly changed my life and allowed me to release so much of the baggage that I carried.

You see, my heart is open to experiencing love again and I don’t want to carry any baggage into the new year or any new relationship because I haven’t let go. When we carry baggage from the past into our future, we are setting ourselves up for failure. We will constantly look at our baggage and assume that any new person that comes into our life will do all the things that our baggage indicates. Our baggage is not only damaging to our romantic relationships but also to our friendships. And carrying this baggage is too much. It doesn’t benefit you or the people in your life. The baggage only slows down your progression of the person that God wants you to become. When we carry all of this extra weight, we are unable to sprint to the finish line. Life is short, too short to hold on to stuff that happen long ago. Find peace in your past and with your baggage. Then leave it in 2014! We are preparing for something greater in 2015!


My journey has only begun and I welcome 2015 with open arms, an open heart and an open mind.


What have you learned in 2014?



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