5 Winter Hair Care Tips


5 Winter Hair Care Tips

The cold weather is upon us and it’s so important to maintain healthy hair during the winter months. Since cold weather can wreak havoc in on your tress, we’ve put together 5 Winter Hair Care tips that every natural hair girl should use.

  1. Protective Styling – Wearing styles such as buns, top knots, Twists and updo’s help to ensure that your ends are protected from the elements. These styles are also great because we tend to wear sweaters, scarves and hats in cooler weather, which can cause breakage if the hair is constantly rubbing against these types of materials. Protective styling also helps to retain moisture and helps with length retention.
  2. Seal your Hair with Heavy Creams – Your ends are the oldest part of the hair strand. It’s important to ensure that the ends are well protected during cooler months, the best way is to seal your hair with a heavy cream. I love to use Shea Butter and Camille Rose Naturals Curlaide Moisture Butter. These products give me a good seal to help retain moisture and my ends don’t feel brittle.
  3. Daily Moisturizing – Most people don’t realize that the cold air has an effect on the hair but so does going in and out of heated environments. If you have the heater on at home, work and other locations, your hair is drying out. I personally prefer to moisturize in the evening and then place on my silk scarf for the night. In the morning, your hair is moisturized and ready for the day.
  4. Moisturizing the Scalp – We tend to skip over this step a lot lately, although growing up, greasing the scalp was a part of the wash day routine. Now, I’m not saying start greasing your scalp, but I am stating find a product that has a good pH balance to moisturize your scalp with. I recommend products from Inspired Beauty. These products are locally made with fresh ingredients and the Pure Moisture pH restoring leave-in conditioner helps me maintain a healthy scalp through the winter months.
  5. Deep Conditioning – Retaining moisture during the winter months is imperative and the best way to aid in this, is to deep condition on a regular basis. I personally suggest deep conditioning every two-weeks or so, because you don’t want to wet the hair too much as cold weather does have a drying affect. I love the TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask for my moisturizing deep conditioner and LRC The Potion for my Protein Deep Condition, which I only do every 6 weeks or so.

Our hair needs the love and attention year round but the winter months are especially important because of the cold weather, the drying effects, and our use of hats and scarves. This season take some of these Winter Hair Care tips and incorporate them into your routine so you can see healthy hair with length and moisture retention!

What is your winter regime?

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