7 Habits of Successful Women

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As an entrepreneur I’m always thinking of ways to be better in my professional and personal life. As I’ve looked at women that have inspired me, I’ve taken many of their habits and incorporated them into my daily routine so that I can be the best version of me as possible. Below I’ve listed 7 Habits of successful Women that have helped me to become more proficient and excel professionally and personally.

Before we jump into the habits, you should know that these habits take time to develop and mature. You have to work at them regularly and know that some days you will fail. But it’s not about failing, but how you get up the next day and start again. Try these habits out for at least 21 days, this amount of time allows you to create a consistent habit, but even if it doesn’t by day 21 you should have a better idea if a certain habit works for you or not. So, let’s get started with the 7 Habits of Successful Women.


  1. Nurture your personal brand. We live in world where social media can make or break you professionally and/or personally. Nurturing your personal brand is important. Your brand represents you, your likes, your dislikes, what people think of you and what you bring to the table. You have to be consistent with the personal brand that you put out into the world and be ready to represent that brand at all times. Promoting yourself on social media and professional sites such as LinkedIn and meetup groups, will allow companies, clients and customer to get to know you.
  2. Grow Everyday. With the world moving so fast and the need for certain skills sets at every level, it’s important to consistently grow your knowledge in your field and expand your knowledge into other areas of interests. Reading is one the best ways to help you grow, it not only gives you sometime to just sit and relax but when you start to look into other areas of interest, you begin to expand your knowledge base. Also, think about adding some classes in areas that peak your interest. Check out places like General Assembly, EdX and your local community college course.
  3. Communicate solutions to the problems. One of the habits of successful women that I’m personally working on is communicating solutions and not focusing on the problem. I’ve worked with managers that focused on the issue and there was never a resolve. When you communicate with the solution, you are giving your team confidence to move forward, you’re not stuck in the issue zone and your client/employees are more confident to give their solutions in the future because they see a leader that is willing to work on solutions and not the problem. Be proactive and find the solution.
  4. Rise Early. Statistics show that early risers tend to get more done in the morning and have a significant amounts of wins early in the day. Rising early gives you the opportunity to meditate/pray, workout, catch up on emails, get up to date with current events and go over your schedule for the day. This allows you to be more productive, prepared and ready for what the day brings.
  5. Workout in the morning. Personally, I’m a big fan of getting up early and working out. Working out in the morning gets the job done and you don’t have to worry about it. It helps to boost your metabolism throughout the day and allows you to focus better on the tasks before you. You’ll have more energy and be ready to meet any obstacles head on.
  6. Create a Task/Daily To Do List. Creating a daily task/to do list helps to keep you focused on what needs to get done for the day. Successful women will sit down the night before and plan the next days tasks. When you wake, you already know what is on your schedule, so you can focus on your early morning routine. Creating a list helps to maintain focus on the goals at hand and forces you to stay aware of what’s important.
  7. Help others. Top tier women have influence and want to use this influence to help other women make it to the top. They don’t focus on if a woman will take their place or not because they know that helping others only helps them to get further along in their own careers. It can get lonely at the top but bringing women along with you creates the domino affect of successful women.

These 7 habits can all be incorporated into our daily lives and they will help us to achieve our personal level of success.  Our success is not measured by what others are doing but by what truly makes us happy and at peace within our own lives. Successful women put these habits into practice everyday and so can we with a little determination and focus.


What personal habits do you embody everyday to help you achieve your personal level of success?

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