The Power of Women! Women’s March LA

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On Saturday, January 21, 2017 women spoke loudly across the U.S. from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles. Women everywhere stood up and let their strength in numbers be seen. In Los Angeles, it was estimated that 750,000 people attended the Women’s March LA. Streets that were originally opened to traffic had to be closed to […]

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Being Present: 3 Things I’ve Learned

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We often live our lives in fear, not realizing that this fear stems from the past. Our past mistakes and hurts filter their way into our lives. Instead of focusing our energy on the present moment, the past and the future are the measurable options that we look to. In the past few months, I’ve […]

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4 Tips for Deep Meaningful Friendships

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Sometimes I take my relationships with my girlfriends for granted. Not giving 100% of myself because work, stress or whatever else pulls me away, and can sometimes keep me away. It’s all busy work, it’s nothing pressing, no ones life is in my hands, I’m not running the country, I’m just a simple girl living […]

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Ready, Set…Follow Your Dreams!

Walking in Purpose, Following Your Dreams, Setting Goals, Living in Fear, Conquering Fear, Jana'e Michelle, This Curvy Girls Life, Success, Humility, Love

Hey Curvy Crew, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about following my dreams. I even posted on my Facebook page about not being scared to follow what your hearts desires and trusting God to supplies all of your needs. After posting the FB message, I sat in that space all day, thinking and meditating on […]

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4 Lessons in Love and Loss

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Love… Everyone is either looking for love, fighting for love, enjoying love, scared to lose love or feels unloved. After being in a relationship for 15+ years with someone that I thought I would be with for the rest of my life, it’s funny that I write this almost 3 years after our separation. For […]

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Restaurant Review // Prime By Shenandoah

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Apple Fritters with a Banana Compote, so good that you want to slap your momma…But we will get back to that later. The city of Long Beach has a great mixture of well known restaurants and smaller little hidden gems that have good food. I was lucky enough to find one of these little hidden […]

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