Create the Life You Want!

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I remember being little girl, an only child, playing in my room. An idea hit me and I wanted my Barbie to have a fancy house, so I ran to mom’s room and asked if I can have some of her shoe boxes? I ran back to my room with a stack of shoe boxes, […]

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Connect and Collaboration Event

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As entrepreneurs we all try our best to attend networking events in hopes of connecting with someone and hopefully blossoming those relationships into something that will help our business grow and be a help to them as well. However most networking events end, you go home and very few people keep those connections going after […]

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7 Habits of Successful Women

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As an entrepreneur I’m always thinking of ways to be better in my professional and personal life. As I’ve looked at women that have inspired me, I’ve taken many of their habits and incorporated them into my daily routine so that I can be the best version of me as possible. Below I’ve listed 7 Habits […]

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5 Websites for Successful Women Entrepreneurs

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Hey Loves! Being a #BossChick is an amazing journey and there is constantly room to grow and be better in your work life. As I continue to grow as an entrepreneur I’m always looking for ways to continue to gain knowledge and always keep a fresh an open mind to new ideas, strategies and procedures. […]

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