Overcoming Fears // YouTube

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Hey Curvy Crew! Faith over Fear. I have a tattoo on my arm to remind me of this every day, however, I’m still fighting so many fears. Today, while I was reading “The 4-Hour Work Week“, it prosed two questions. “What is it costing you – financially, emotionally and physically – to postpone the action?” […]

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Faith of a Mustard Seed

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During the last few months, I’ve been meditating and praying over many areas of my life and thanking God in advance for His blessings. But I have to be completely honest, sometimes I forget to have faith and try to make things happen on my own. Of course, it never works out and then, I’m […]

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Do the Work Challenge

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Hey Curvy Crew! I know it’s been awhile…I have no real excuse for you. All I can say is I’m sorry and I’m trying my best to provide you consistent content. With that said…If you’ve been following me on my YouTube channel (if you’re not…What’s up with that…lol), I’ve been posting more videos more consistently […]

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