#CEOlife: Releasing my creative boss

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My desk represents my life as you can see! From Blogging, Beauty, Fashion and writing!

My mind-set has always been one of a CEO. Perhaps that comes from being an only child and wanting things my way, being a Boss is just in me. You see as most entrepreneurs start out, I work a full-time job during the day and at night I go home to pursuit my personal dreams.

I’ve been in my current management position for 10 years and I’ve been blessed to be able to use all of the skills that I’ve acquired over the years to help me succeed in this position. But within the last couple of years something has changed. You see, I’ve always been a creative person,  from building a full house out of shoe boxes for my Barbie dolls to going to culinary school and receiving a Bachelors in Culinary/hospitality management, creativity has been a part of who I am. To create something from scratch, see it take shape and become that thing that you envisioned is amazing to me. I remember working in the retail fashion industry while in college and the most fun I had at those jobs were creating the window displays.

So, fast forward and here I am this woman who loves writing about all of her passions, from cooking, fashion, beauty, fitness and so on. Through writing, I’ve had some wonderful experiences and  I know that this is where I’m supposed to be. I’m starting to get antsy, not because I don’t like my job, I actually love what I do. But I realized that my creativity and leadership skills are not being used to their full potential. Everyday, I come home and I write, dream and plan until late at night because I know that God has placed this purpose and this dream into my heart. Who am I not to follow my purpose?

I may not be perfect and I tend to fail a lot, but I never give up because it’s just not in me. I won’t stop trying to succeed because I’d rather look back over my life and say “wow…at least I tried.” rather than saying “I wish I would have done that.”

Boss Chick, Boss Life, Entrepreneur, Women In Business, Business Woman, CEO, Creative Director, Boss Problems, Living my dreams, Lifestyle BlogYes, my dreams are so big that they scare me, but I won’t stop making my way towards them. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. During the journey of following your dreams, you discover so much. You discover who you are, What you love,  Who you love, and the why behind many of life questions. The journey is rocked with valleys, those low moments when you start to question whether this is the right road for you. But then you hit a peak, and that peak give you the burst of energy you need to make it through the next valley on to the next peak.

I’m personally more creative in the valley. That’s where you are pushing to get out, your soul yearns for more, your spirit reaches toward God and in those moments something happens creatively. The artist within finds the canvas and the beautiful masterpiece starts to unfold. The valley is a special place. It’s the place where you are closer to God because you must lean on Him for strength to get to the peak. The peak is a great place to be but its the climax, so what’s next? You go back into the valley, you go back into the work, back into the next project and you dig. Dig deep to find that moment of creativity. The cycle starts again.

This is the life that I love to live. The life of creativity, the life of helping others, the life of moving forward to see those goals become reality.When you finally reach that place of pure joy in your creativity outlet, you will  wake up everyday and go to work, but it won’t feel like work. It will be home. You know that feeling of walking into the door after a long day at work, and your entire body just instantly relaxes? When you find that thing, that thing that doesn’t feel like work and you get to do it everyday, that thing that you love so much that it feels like walking in the door of your home, you’ve made it.

I can smile as I write this because yes, I’m still looking for home, but everyday, as I write, plan and dream, I’m making my way a little bit closer to my front door. I encourage you to enjoy the journey to your front door.


Boss Chick, Boss Life, Entrepreneur, Women In Business, Business Woman, CEO, Creative Director, Boss Problems, Living my dreams, Lifestyle Blog
My business partner Freddie Floyd and I at the Afrolicious event.

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