Curvy DIY: Valentine’s Day Gift for Co-Workers

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Love, Valentines Day, Relationships, This Curvy Girls Life, Fashion, Curvy Fashion, Lifestyle BlogValentine’s is a perfect holiday to say thank you to your co-workers with a little sweet treat. This easy DIY is quick and inexpensive, but has enough personality to warm the hearts of your colleagues.

This project is prefect for any holiday, because you can use any candy and fabric to match whatever your theme/holiday is. I used mason jars, that I picked up from Michael’s, I cut 5″x5″ squares of fabric, which you can find to coordinate with your theme. Always check the bargain bin or clearance section, you’ll always find something that would work for the look you’re trying to achieve, add a ribbon and maybe a little card or tag to give that finishing touch.

I would start by cutting the fabric to fit over the top of the mason jar and it should hang down about 1″ to an 1 1/2″. The mason jar size that I used allowed for me to cut a 5″x5″ square for the perfect hang without covering the candies. Then you’ll need to cut the ribbon to tie a nice little bow around the lid, you can also add your tag to the ribbon, by simply using a hole punch to draw the ribbon through. I used M&M’s for my gifts, but any type of smaller candy can be used. I wanted that layered effect with the various colors, so although tedious, I separated the candy.

I love this idea, because when the candy is gone, you still of this mason jar which can be used for so much. With my family being from the south, they are often used as glasses for sweet tea. But you could also use them to hold makeup brushes, cotton balls, q-tips and so much more.

I hope that this quick and easy DIY was helpful.

What Valentine’s Day treat are you giving your co-workers or employees?


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