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If you read yesterday’s post then you already know that the theme for 2015 is to #Liiive My Most Authentic Life. In order to live an authentic life, I have to be realistic and know that everyday isn’t going to go as planned. Some days maybe considered “Bad” days. But as the old saying goes, “As long as my Good days, outweigh my “Bad” days.”

Sometimes, you need a little way to remember all of the wonderful things that happen to you or to family/friends when things are not going too good. A wonderful way to always remember these moments is a “Good Things Jar.” As good things happen to family, friends and myself, I will write them down and place them into this jar. It’s a great way to have all of those special moments in one place, but it’s also perfect to have on those bad days. When your day just isn’t going right, reach inside the jar and start reading all of the wonderful things that have happen recently. It’s an instant pick me up and reminds you that we are serving a Mighty God that only wants the best for you. In order for you to truly enjoy all of the good things in life, you have to endure some bad.

I’m encouraging all of my Curvy Girly’s to try this technique for a couple of months if not the entire year. On those days when you just need to remember how great things are going, reach in and read away!

This is a perfect way for me personally to bring myself back to reality when I start to get down on myself and stop living authentically. I’ve already started feeling my jar with great things that have happen to friends and myself, just knowing that this jar holds happy memories is enough to keep me striving for my dreams.

Do you have a “Good Things Jar’? What do you do to remind yourself of all the happy memories throughout the year?


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