Day 2: Think and Grow Rich Challenge

Grow Rich, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, Mindset, Growth

I’m in day 2 and I must admit it’s been difficult to try to stay off social media and not watch TV, but I’m dedicated to this journey. I did watch a little YouTube, but in my defense Casey Neistat interviewed the Navy Seal that promotes waking up a 4am for a productive day.
Today, I started my day at 5am, although my alarm went off at 4:30am, I obviously hit snooze a few times. Once I was up, my first thought was to Thank God for the waking me and allowing me to see a new day.

The night before, I went through the six definite steps in Think and Grow Rich and created my statement, so as I got out of bed this morning, I recited my statement a loud and tried to visualize my requests.
Visualization is going to be the thing that I need to work on the most, which means I need to also work on my faith and knowing that what I ask for is already on its way and is currently awaiting me to render the services because you can’t get anything for free. You have to give something.

Grow Rich, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, Mindset, Growth
Mini Vision Board wall which includes my statement that I will read before bed and upon waking.

After reading my statement, I needed to wake up, so I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I grab a cup of coffee, pulled out my journal, pop on the audio book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” and start journaling. It was nice to get all of my thoughts together for the day. From, what I was grateful, new ideas and positive affirmations. It set the intention for the day.
After journaling I did 15 minutes of mediation. My goal is to get this to 30 minutes. I would like to use part of my meditation for visualizing my goals. I then did about 20 minutes of exercises, crunches, push ups, squats and bicycle.
Before jumping in the shower, I decided to read for 20 minutes.

Throughout the day, because of the intention I set in the morning, I felt a little more productive at work and I received ideas for blog posts and videos. I also thought of another event that I can host for LA Naturals and I made plans to come home and knock out one video.

Since I’ve been home tonight, I haven’t watched any TV, however I did post on social media and out of habit started scrolling, but as soon as I noticed, I put my phone down and started typing up this blog post.

Before bed, I will read more of “Think and Grow Rich” , journal about my day and read my statement right before laying down for bed.

It’s been a slight challenge because I’m so addicted to social media and tv, but I feel so accomplished today. I’m looking forward to the little changes that happen throughout this 30 day process.

What was your biggest accomplishment of the day?

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