Day 3: Think and Grow Rich Challenge

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It’s Day 3 of my personal challenge of the Think and Grow Rich Formula’s for success. Today, has been a little difficult. My morning started off fine. I woke up, journaled, listened to an audio book, read Think and Grow Rich and meditated. On my way to work, while I sat in traffic, I talked with God about my journey.

However, once I arrived to work and after a few meetings, I lost something. I started feeling a little down and I was unable to focus on my work. After work, I while driving home, I started listening to my audio book again and started feeling like I was regaining my focus.

Once I arrived home, I knew that the shift in my thinking was changing. I arrived home to a random check for $15.68. I know this may seem small to some, but part of my thinking and affirmations throughout the day, was “I am a money Magnet. Money flows freely to me.” So, to come home a check that I was not expecting…Yep this is starting to work in my favor.

Now, to be honest, as I type this, I’m mentally and physically exhausted, but I knew I had to get this out to explain how things are going to far.

As for the check, I have it posted next to my statement that I say twice a day as a reminder that if I keep focused and work on changing my mindset to a power shifted mindset than I will be able to do more with my life.

I’m praying that my body recuperates this evening as I’m feeling a little down and that my spirits lift. No matter, how I feel, I will power through my morning routine and continuously refocus my thoughts on powerful positive thinking.

I know this is a short blog, but it’s also one that shows how affirmations, faith and work will render in return your desires.


Good Night

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