Day 4: Think and Grow Rich Challenge

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So, I believe I’m in the “get past the struggle” phase of this challenge. I wasn’t expecting this to happen so early in the process. I knew that at some point I would need to push through a slump but man this is hitting me hard and early.

I keep having these doubts about how I’m doing things, if I’m asking for too much in my statement and if this is really going to make a change in my life. Then it hit me, I’m doing something that I’ve never done before. I’m walking in uncharted territory and because I’m not sure where this will lead, my “comfort zone” is getting uncomfortable so I’m in self-sabotage mode. You know that mode where you know what to do, which is usually the right thing to do but you still choose to the other thing. Yep, I’m there.

You see, in the past my self-sabotage usually won. Being out of my comfortable zone was too scary and if I fail, then what? The difference between then and now, is that I want this so much more than I ever wanted it before. I will not let my fears win. I will succeed and be able to tell an amazing tale of the young lady who when you looked at her life on paper, things didn’t seem to be going her way, but her resilience and faith made her keep striving for more, for better, and for growth.

A small piece of advice, when you have a goal or a dream and you start to work towards it, doubt and insecurity will always rear its ugly head. You have to recognize the self-sabotage and the self-talk. Change the talk to an empowering voice and turn the sabotage into success.

The most successful people in the world will let you know that they had to continue to move forward even when everything was telling them to stop, turn around, don’t pass go. If your dream is strong and its important to you, you have to keep pushing.

I love the story of the guy who during the gold rush, found a spot to mine, found investors and purchased equipment and started looking for gold. And he hit gold. He was able to start paying back some of the debt but then nothing. It was like the Gold ran out. He kept digging, but soon gave up and went to a local merchant to sell all of his equipment to recoup some of his money. The merchant bought his equipment for $100 asked, “Where is the mine that you were working on?”

The merchant sent for a geologist to survey the mine and found out the the gold vein may have jump over 3-5 feet from where they were digging. Sure enough, the merchant struck gold and made a fortune. The original guy heard about the merchant and made a promise to himself that he would never give up again at anything he did. In the end, he became an insurance salesman and was one of a few that sold over 1 million dollars in insurance at the time.

Could you imagine being 3 feet away from your dream, your breakthrough, or your millions of dollars and then just walking away? So many of us walk away, not realizing how close we were. Don’t let negative self-talk keep you away from fulfilling your dreams and living up to your potential. I know that it can seem difficult and can feel like you’ve been working towards your goal for a long time. Don’t give up, you’re only 3 feet away from a miracle.

Today, I could have just walked away because of how I was feeling and doubting myself, but I could literally be 3 feet away from my dream. So, I will keep pushing forward, I will keep documenting this journey because it’s been such a learning experience in the last few days. I can’t imagine what this process will look like in 30 days.

Until tomorrow…



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