Day 5: Think and Grow Rich Challenge

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I have to admit, I completely slacked on reading today. This morning I woke up, and did the thing I’ve been trying to stay away from…I got sucked into social media. I started scrolling, liking and watching. Before you knew it, I had to rush through my journaling process only to be interrupted by an email from work, so I switched my thoughts toward work and completely put aside the time that is dedicated for my growth.

Lesson learned…once I arrived to work, there were no fires or no need to rush out the door without my morning cup of coffee  and I could have taken the time to read and properly journal, but the blessing and with God’s grace I will have tomorrow.

Something good did come out of my morning rush. As I sat in traffic and started my normal conversation with God, something struck me. I used to look at rappers a certain way. They cuss in their lyrics, call women out of their names, use the N-word and B-word freely, but yet they have success. Growing up I used to ask God, how come they get all fame and fortune, and I know good people going to work everyday and struggling?

Well, the answer was right in front of me all this week in the Think and Grow Rich book. Faith and Auto-Suggestion, where you repeat your desire to your subconscious as much as you can and place a feeling of faith and love behind it. Eventually this will become your dominating thought. So think about an interview with your favorite rapper, look at the passion they have for their craft now think about someone you may know that is new to the rap game but is working in the studio. They speak in a way to where they believe (faith) that success will happen and they speak it often (auto-suggestion) with putting in the work, then of course they have the success. They are applying the techniques and probably don’t even realize how that attracted everything they have.

Our mindset is powerful but most of us don’t use it to it’s full capacity. We get lazy, think it’s too much, too hard or we just flat out let our fear paralyze us. We must set our goals, repeat them, whether that’s your vision board you look at everyday or a statement that you recite twice day, be definite about your intentions and what you are willing to give in return for this dream.

It seems easy when you write it out but actually acting on it everyday and staying focused can be difficult. I’m 5 days in and I’ve struggled already but I will push through everyday and make it to the end of this 30 day challenge.

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