Day 6 & 7: Think and Grow Rich Challenge

Journaling has been become so important and helps to keep me focused on this journey of challenging myself to focus on and act on the formula’s in the Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill. As you can see, I’m combining day 6 & 7 because I used Friday, to completely take time off and just relax, watch TV and YouTube videos. It was the most unproductive day I’ve had in a while, but I needed it so that I wouldn’t feel deprived and then start to binge on the unproductive things. Taking a day off allowed me to get better focused for the days ahead.

As I journal, I focus on 4 key areas. Gratitude, Affirmations, New Ideas and Daily Reflection.

Gratitude allows me to see my blessings everyday.I take time to say “I’m grateful for…” and I start to list all of the things that are fulfilling and blessings in my life. They can be big items such as family to the something small, like my first sip of hot coffee in the morning. On my worst days, I can always find things to be grateful for and it helps to recalibrate my thoughts and brings to the here and now. When I state my gratitude, all of my worries, issues and situations seem to just melt away.

Affirmations is still very new for me. Everyday I find an affirmation to fit the day or how I want to feel that day. When I can’t think of anything, I keep it simple and my affirmation is “I AM ENOUGH”. This simple affirmation means so much because it’s reminder that no matter what’s happening in my life I am enough. Another simple and very power affirmation is “I AM”. I AM… Just take a moment and say it aloud and really allow it to penetrate your thoughts and your heart. I AM.

New Ideas is the area where I think about all of the areas of success that I want to grow and I think about ways to not only grow my businesses but also to grow myself. I write down new ideas for blog posts and videos. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the companies I’m starting and how to market myself, how to source products and I’m doing research so I can be more knowledgeable in the areas that I’m unfamiliar with. Everyday that I journal, I receive new ideas which I know is because I’m allowing myself to be more open and receptive to what God has for me.

Daily Reflections is the area of my journal, I think about the day before and I set intentions for my day ahead. I reflect on the areas that I did well in and how I can improve or work on areas that I didn’t do so well. As I think about my day ahead, I think about my goals for the day, how I can work toward them and I write how well things have already worked. When I mentally go through my day and mentally acknowledge that everything went well, more than likely, I have an awesome day. I’ve noticed that I tend to have a not so great day on the days that I don’t journal and set my intentions.

Challenging myself to Think and Grow Rich has been such a learning experience so far, it’s important for me to journal / document this journey because I would like to look back on day thirty and see how far I’ve come.

To write out my gratitude, have a positive affirmation, write out new ideas and reflect daily sets my day ahead on a productive path. I’m grateful for this part of the process and I look forward to  making journaling a part of my morning routine outside of the Think and Grow Rich Challenge.

How has journaling made an impact on your life?

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