Defining This Curvy Girl’s Life

This Curvy Girl’s Life is a Lifestyle Blog and YouTube Channel dedicated to bringing you Fashion, Natural Hair, Cooking, Fitness and more on a daily basis! Host and Blogger, Jana’e Michelle wants to share her life and all of it’s Fabulousness!

A Curvy Girl’s Life can be defined in two ways. First, as women we each have curves. Our curves are different, some are more voluptuous, others more shapely, while some are considered full-figured, but overall as women we were each endowed with a curvaceous figure. Hips to help with childbearing, and Breasts to give nourishment. We are “Curvy Girly’s” navigating through the journey.

Secondly, curves represent the path that we have before us. The curves along this journey called life are the ups and downs that shape who we are. Some curves are dangerous with negativity, defeat and doubt. While others are filled with Love, Joy and Success. Nonetheless, each curve that we take the wheel and navigate through, allows us to come out on the other end stronger and better. Shaping us to be the women that we were created to be.

This Curvy Girl’s Life represents both the “Curvy Girly” and the curves that we all take along the path of life. Join me, as we take the journey of “This Curvy Girl’s Life.”



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