Faith of a Mustard Seed

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During the last few months, I’ve been meditating and praying over many areas of my life and thanking God in advance for His blessings. But I have to be completely honest, sometimes I forget to have faith and try to make things happen on my own. Of course, it never works out and then, I’m upset and asking God why?

As most of us do, I try again thinking that I’m not going to get in God’s way this time and I will “give” it to Him…sort of…I usually step right back in and take over. This behavior leads to me being frustrated with myself because I knew what I was doing and I knew that I was setting myself up for failure.

One day, I started thinking about the Mustard seed and how all we have to have is the Faith of a Mustard Seed(Matthew 17:20). This tiny little seed is all the faith you need, but why is it that we doubt ourselves or live in fear when all we need is faith that seems so small.

My life isn’t perfect and I’ve made a lot of bad choices over the years which have led to me worrying about everything. My worrying has manifested some “not-so-good” scenarios, such as putting myself in debt, having a major part in the unraveling of my marriage and a long list of other things.

My worrying has also lead to me not following my dreams because I’m afraid of success. Yes, I said success. I know that seems strange because most people are usually worried about failure, but I look at failure as a lesson learned. However, success seems daunting to me. I see myself so busy that I don’t have time for friends or family or I see myself at my desk with stacks of papers piled so high you can’t see my face. Maybe I’m scared to do the work because I fear that I’ll miss out on life if I’m so busy building a brand or company.

You know that moment when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Well, I finally made it there so I went to God in prayer and asked for guidance, strength, clarity, to be spiritually intuned to God’s voice and to be aware of godly, moments. During one of my morning prayers, I heard “Faith of a Mustard Seed”. I didn’t fully understand at the time why I heard these words so clearly, but I held on to them. The words “Faith of a Mustard Seed” started to penetrate all aspects of my life.

I started to live by these words and by trusting God and His promises my dreams and goals started to manifest. I received a new apartment, which was one of my worries because I thought my credit score would be too low. I received a new job, which has been on my prayer list for a while but I finally allowed God to take control and I trusted Him. Not only will I have a new position, but I will be working under someone who I can learn a great deal from when it comes to business.

The Faith of a Mustard Seed. When you hold a mustard seed in your hand, it doesn’t seem like much, but we tend to underestimate the power of having just that much faith. The tiny Mustard of Faith can have a huge impact on changing our lives and bringing us closer to God.

What’s your Mustard Seed moment? When did you let go and let God?

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