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Hey Loves,

A funky hairstyle must be in the repertoire of a naturalista for those moments of that you need that ultra funky look. I love this style with my undercut because it allows me to show off my side design. As a 4c naturalista, which means I have very kinky hair, I must keep my hair clean and well moisturized.

I achieved this look by ensuring that my hair was clean by using the Be KeKoa Be-Clair Sulfate Free clarifying Shampoo and conditioned with Be-Moist Hydrating Conditioner. A good hairstyle starts with the basics of clean and conditioned hair, which is very important. Just like makeup, in order to have a flawless face you must start with good skin care. It’s the same with hair, you must start with hair care.

After conditioning, I dried my hair with a t-shirt to help reduce frizziness and did the L.O.C method, which stands for Liquid, Oil, Cream. I started with the water from the rinse process and then added the Josie Marin 100% Argan Oil to moisturize and seal in the water and conditioner that I used. Once the oil was evenly distributed throughout the hair, I added Giovanni Direct Moisture Weightless Leave-In Conditioner, as my cream.

Once my L.O.C. method products were added, I detangled and separated the hair into sections. I spritzed my hair with IC Fantasia Hair Protector, which is a heat protector. To help elongate the hair, I decided to lightly blow dry my hair. Blow drying not only elongated but also, helped to detangle. I used the lowest possible setting to help reduce any chance of heat damage. I usually only blow dry once a month, if I’m looking for a similar style. I would recommend that you allow your air dry, as I prefer this method, but if you plan to use heat, be sure to use a heat protector.

For the best definition, I used the Qhemet Biologics product line. The Amla and Olive Heavy Cream, as been a part of my hair routine for a while now. It’s one of the most moisturizing products that I’ve used. It can be too heavy for finer hair or if you are heavy-handed when using it, but a little goes a long way and will keep your hair so soft.

This was my first time using the Hydrate & Twist Butter, but I loved it! The definition it give my hair was wonderful and I loved how it just added additional moisture to my hair. The combination of both the Heavy Cream and Butter, is one that every natural girl with kinky hair should try.

I simply did five flat twists going to the right side and added a perm rod at the end for that little bend. The take-down was simple, because my hair was so moisturized, I didn’t add any additional oil. I just gently untwisted the flat twist, taking care not pull  but untwist to reduce any frizziness. You can use a hair pick to fluff the hair at the root, but for this funky style, I chose not to. I wanted the parts to slightly show though, especially on the left side.

To maintain this look you have two options, you can re-twist the hair at night to maintain the definition throughout the week. Or you can do as I like and place my hair into one or two ponytails going to the side. This helps to keep the hair stretched and all you have to do is fluff the hair in the morning.

This is an easy and fun style! I would to know how you rock your Flat Twist Out! Share your style! Tag me at @CurvyGirlsLife and/or use #CurvyGirlTwistOut

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