Green with Envy…

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As a dark skin woman, I would hear “Wow that color looks good on you”, but only when it pertain to clothing. For some odd reason, I didn’t hear that some enthusiasm for make-up and that could be why so many darker skin women that I know steer clear of wearing colored shadows. We tend to stay in the neutral and gold realm. We only venture out if it’s for a special occasion and photos will not be taken.

It’s funny because I can clearly remember being a little kid and seeing my mom with vibrant colors on her eyes and I knew she was beautiful. Her walk and grace made the make-up enhance what she already embodied, confidence. But it wasn’t the same for me…I recall being called all types of names for being dark skin and I had this one summer when I wore yellow and another little kid said, “You look like a cheeseburger”. It was a defining moment for me, because I remember vividly making sure that I didn’t wear bright clothes so that I could blend in and not be noticed.

Throughout the years, I’ve gained confidence but my true confidence didn’t show itself until I did the big chop. With no hair to blend in, I had to find who I was inside and out. Through that experience, I found a love for make-up. When I first started wearing make-up, I stayed in neutral territory. As I continued to gain more confidence in myself, my want to truly be my authentic self started to emerge and she didn’t want to blend in.

Here I stand with a confidence that I know only God could have provided, because I could have allowed all of the negative memories, name calling, and shaming keep me from being. Here I stand, ready to take on the world with a smile and beautiful green shadow on my eyes. Here I stand, the daughter of woman, who I remember with a big afro, bright shadow and all I could think was wow, my mom is beautiful. Her beauty was passed down to me and I will carry it with the grace and honor it deserves.

What was your defining moment of confidence? Or have you always had confidence in yourself?


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