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Hey Loves,

I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend the Nappywood Natural Hair Expo held every year the 1st week of August. During my visit to the expo, LottaBody Hair products had a booth and they were offering a special of 5 products for only $10… Yes, $10! I immediately thought about doing a Natural Hairstyle with soft tendrils!

These products are closer to $10 each, so to get them all for that price. I could;t resist. And guess what? I bought two and I’m giving one away to one of my readers of my blog/subscribers of my YouTube channel, so if you want to win be sure to check out the video below and see what the rules are…

But getting back to the hairstyle and these amazing products, I wanted to create a natural hairstyle where I had soft tendrils falling with using the LottaBody products and perm rods. The task at hand was to not curl the hair around the perm rod too tight but it couldn’t be too loose either.

I decided to go with three products to help me achieve this look. I started with three products from the LottaBody line. First, I used the Love Me 5-in-1 miracle styling creme to help detangle and give moisture to the hair. Second, I used the Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk, which added additional moisture but also acted as a styling aid, finally I finished with the Wrap me Styling Foam Mousse, which help to give the hair definition, hold and shine.

I used this products together after washing and conditioning my hair. After added the LottaBody products, I sectioned the hair and began adding the perm rods. To keep the hair well-defined, I made each section for the perm rods about 1 1/2″ thick and I twisted the hair and then added it to perm rod to further deepen the definition of this look.

After allowing the hair to air dry over night, I carefully remove the perm rods, now the great thing about the LottaBody line, is there is not need for oil to help with shine or frizziness. Your hair will simply look amazing. Don’t believe? Watch the video for the full results and see the magic that is LottaBody.IMG_7883

Don’t forget to watch the video for the rules of entering the giveaway for your own LottaBody products!

Products and tools used:

LottaBody with Coconut and Shea Oils


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