Know Your Worth: Day 8 – 22 Think and Grow Rich Challenge

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I took some time during this challenge to not blog and to truly find way. You see, for a minute I lost the reason why I was doing this challenge. My goal was to focus my mindset to grow myself and my business in a powerful way and writing every night about what I read in the “Think and Grow Rich” book, wasn’t feeding me or you on this journey of growth.

During my time away, I had several eye-opening encounters about my self-worth and my worth when it comes to business. First, I learned about my self-worth. I was asked some questions from my mentor and I started answering them by adding fluff and extra words that really didn’t answer the questions. As I looked into her eyes, I simply stopped and answered a simple Yes or No. As I answered the questions, I realized that I used words to to cover the fact that I was insecure in many areas of my life. I was unsure of myself and abilities, so I covered or hid from the truth that I felt unworthy. Even in my prayers, I would ask for forgiveness and say the words “for I’m not worthy”. Coming to God as a humble servant, I talked down about myself which played out in my everyday life.

The last two weeks have been hard. To try and change the voice that’s inside that has been a part of me since before I can remember is difficult. I find myself falling back into the self-defeating talk all the time and I have to pull myself out. I know that I’m worthy of love, success and happiness, and everyday I will strive to change my inner voice and believe that I am worthy.

Also during the conversation with my mentor, she opened my eyes to see that my lack of worthiness spread into my professional life. I work hard everyday, doing the job of three people but was too afraid to speak up and say I’m worth more and deserve more for all of the work I do. This is also my issue with my own business, I tend to under pay myself to make the customer/consumer happy, but after the transaction, I’m unhappy.

After a couple of weeks of reading, praying and meditating, I’ve realized that we must all know our worth and not be afraid to let people know. In our professional and personal lives, it’s important to know that you are worthy and deserving of it all. Your past does not define you and determine your future. You have to let go of anything that is holding you back from being the you that God created and is waiting on so you can shine your brightness throughout the world. You are Worthy of Love, Success and Happiness. You are Worthy because God deemed it so. You are Worth because you are here right now, in this very moment with all the talents, skills, and that burning desire to walk in His purpose.

Here are a few tips to help you find your worth.

  1. Change your attitude and self-talk about yourself. How you talk about and perceive yourself becomes your reality.
  2. Trust your Own Feelings. Learn to listen and rely on own feelings. When you trust your own feelings, you will recognizing unfair demands and be able to respond to them better.
  3. Don’t try to live up to other peoples expectations. Many of us do this and tend to struggle with our self-worth. Let go of parts of your self-worth that are based on other people opinions.


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