4 “Must-Have” E.L.F. Makeup Brushes!

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If makeup is that thing that makes you want to sing in the mirror, or when that flawless foundation has you like…YASSSSS or when that special makeup brush claimed to give you “On Fleek” finish and it actually does. That brings joy to all makeup lovers.

So , when we found out that E.L.F (Eyes Lips and Face) had makeup brushes we just had to try them out and share out 4 “Must-Have” E.L.F. Makeup Brushes. Now, to be honest during our use of the E.L.F. brushes we found that the E.L.F Professional Makeup brushes (White) were good especially for someone that was new to wearing and applying cosmetics and for the cost of only $1 was definitely a steal.

However, we fell in love with the Studio Anti Bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brushes (Black). The application process with these brushes is phenomenal, perfect for blending, shading, and foundation. Each brush that we used was just amazing, but we wanted to give you our 4 “Must-Have” E.L.F. Makeup Brushes that we feel head over heels for and leaves our face “On Fleek”.

Let’s start with the E.L.F Studio Powder Brush. The brush claims to create a professional sculpted look, full coverage color and can be used for blush or contour. We love this for powder application but for cream/liquid foundation application this brush did an outstanding job. Use this brush to stipple foundation on the face and blend out for a flawless look. With the density of the bristles and the flat top, it worked great for full coverage.

Our next favorite brush is the Studio Complexion Brush, which is the perfect everyday brush to add to your collection. The brush claims to create an even and natural finish, can be used with all types of powders across the entire face and sculpts features beautifully. We couldn’t agree more! Using this brush with bronzer just gives a flawless look with that sculpted edge that you look for.

The shape of the complexion brush allows you to get into the hallows of the cheeks but yet fluffy enough to go around the face for blending.

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Our third but not final favorite is the Studio Small Tapered Brush. This brush gives us LIFE!!!! Claiming to be a precision brush that is perfect for contouring and creating even coverage…we again cannot argue with this claim. The pointed tip has been our go-to for blending out under eye concealer and has also been prefect for use with setting powder in the same area. Yes, with the pointed tip, you can get into the hallows of the cheeks for the amazing contour. We highly recommend this brush for everyone, novice to professional.

Our last but definitely not least is the Studio Blush Brush. Claiming to be tailored designed to allow for easy maneuvering and precise color application creates a beautifully defined and sculpted look. Although this brush is said to be good for blush and bronzer, we love it to apply our highlight on the cheekbones, temples, chin, tip and bridge of the nose. Lightly run the brush over your favorite highlighter and it deposits the perfect amount. Giving you that glow without over doing it. If you want to really make that highlight pop, pickup your highlight product and then spray your brush with a little MAC’s Fix+ or setting spray.

Overall we just love these brushes and each of these beauties only cost $3 each. Perfect for the makeup beginner and for the MUA that needs a few extra brushes to add to their kit.

We would love to hear from you! Have you tried any of the E.L.F brushes and what did you love about them? Drop your comment below!



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