Milani Matte Amore Lip Creme Swatches!

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Hey Curvy Girly’s,

As many of you may have heard, Milani Cosmetics recently came out with a limited edition “”Milani Matte Amore Lip Creme. I wanted to give you first look at what these lip cremes look like on dark skin and let you know where you can find them.

Milani has eight colors in the collections ranging from nudes to deep wine. You can grab these at your local Walgreens. I had to go to several as they were selling out very quickly but I was able to get my hands on seven of the eight lip creme collection. The only color that I could not find anywhere was the “Beloved” a nude pink matte.

But not too worry you will love the other colors that I have available to swatch for you. Here is a quick run down of the colors that I will be showing you:

1. Crush – Reddish Brown
2. Adore – Peachy Nude
3. Lust – Pink Mauve
4. Embrace – Deep Purple Berry
5. Desire – Bright Red
6. Romance – Deep Red with hints of Brown and Plum
7. Flirt – Deep Purple Wine

So…What can I tell you about the Milani Matte Amore lip creme? They are long lasting. I’ve worn several of the colors in the last couple of weeks and went through a day of eating, drinking and talking and still had a matte finish.

The lip cremes didn’t dry my lips out, but I did have a slight feeling of tightness as they dried. When I smiled or laughed, there were no signs of splitting or cracking, so I’m guessing that as they dried, it just had the feeling temporarily.

During the lip swatch video, I did noticed that my lips were slightly stained. Keep in mind that I did try them on all within an hour. But I used the Pink Grapefruit Neutrogena cleansing cloths and the lipstick came right off. On a day to day wear, I had no trouble with removing or staining.

All of this for only $6.99. Milani has outdone themselves at this price point for the quality of product that you get. I’m extremely happy with these!

What color did you think I looked best in? And which color do you love the most?


This Curvy Girl

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