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Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m all about an outfit with a good pair of sneakers and this look was calling name. This week will be similar to hell week that you had in college. I have so many meetings and projects at work, then I have so much to do for building my personal brand after work, I needed to start this week a little more comfortable than usual.

For weeks or days where I know I’m going to be super busy, I try to dress comfortable but polished. I feel like I’m more productive when I’m wearing something I love and I’m able to put my best face forward because I’m not thinking about “how my feet hurt in heels”, or “I can wait to get out of these spanx”. I’m a beast when it comes to work and I get stuff done. I allow my work to show my worth not how I dress.

When I first started at the company I work for, the dress code was in flux. No one really knew what to wear. The new CEO’s were casual but the dress code before was business, so there was this mix of people trying to dress in business attire and slightly mix in some casual pieces. Then, I arrived. Not realizing that there was this “dress code” I walked in the door wearing my uniform, Jeans, T-Shirt and Tennis shoes. On days I was feeling cute, I’d rock a skirt or dress with sneakers. It never dawned on me that there was this strict dress code and I figured, if something I wore wasn’t appropriate for the office then someone would let me know.

Two occasions let me know that my style was “different” from the norm. On the first occasion, a coworker said that “You dress bold and I couldn’t pull off the types of looks you do”. I wasn’t sure how to take this at first because I think my style is pretty standard, jeans and a tee. I realized it wasn’t my jeans that was “different”, it was the days that I wore skirts or dresses. I like bright colors, head wraps, sneakers with flair like my retro Air Force 1’s in Gold and I’m a plus size girl rocking all of this.

The second occasion happened when another coworker told me she wore her distressed jeans because I wore mine. I never even thought twice about wearing distressed jeans to work and I guess it’s because I worked in a very casual office before and I’m a creative. Clothing allows me to express myself.

The outfit pictured is my way of expressing my busy week. I want to be comfortable as I tackle the big projects. I want to be seen as a woman who works hard and I’m not defined by my clothes to be successful. I don’t have to be in a pair of heels, pencil skirt and a blazer to command respect in the boardroom. My Nike’s, Jeans and Tee or in the case My Nike’s, Joggers and sweater will do just fine!

How does your style define you?

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