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Preparing for New Year’s Eve seems so surreal. I feels like we just celebrated 2015, maybe because I had an amazing time last year, so it feel like yesterday. As I prepare for this year, I wanted a different look than I’ve ever worn and since I tend to keep my look fairly neutral, I thought “Let’s go Edgy” and this NYE Edgy Makeup look was born.

Makeup is used to enhance your natural beauty and its also used for having fun. Trying different looks and even becoming someone completely different. I think that’s what I love most about makeup, its possibility to change the exterior and sometimes changing the outside allows you to change the inside.

Now, I’m not saying that makeup will change who you are inside, because there is only one person that change you and that’s you. But you know the phrase “Fake it till you Make it”, makeup can have that same effect.

Have fun with makeup and don’t think that makeup alone will change who are, but let it help to bring out the person that is inside of you. So, this edgy look, is almost a metaphor for the future. I will not be afraid, I will walk into the future with my head held high and ready to conquer anything that is thrown my way.

As we celebrate the New Year looking fabulous and celebrating the future, I send love and blessings for a prosperous New Year!

What Makeup look are you going for this New Year’s Eve?

Products Used on the Eyes:

Urban Decay Primer Potion – http://seph.me/1K2XPCd

Makeup Geek E/S in Cocoa Bear – http://bit.ly/1Oie2Z4

Makeup Geek E/S in Corrupt – http://bit.ly/1MTiAVR

Urban Decay Smoky Palette E/S in Smolder – http://seph.me/1NWu5XH

Urban Decay Smoky Palette E/S in Armor

Urban Decay Smoky Palette E/s in High

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper – http://seph.me/1RK5ZCo



This Curvy Girl,

Jana’e Michelle

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