This Curvy Girl Celebrates Earth Day: Santa Monica Beach Cleanup

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I knew early in life that I would love the beach. The day that I was born my mom and a few family members decided to go to the beach, so nine months pregnant and more than ready to welcome me into the world, my mom tagged along. As she sat there listening to the waves crash, watching the birds fly above and just taking in the sounds, I was in her belly just as content as I wanted to be. It surprised my mom because I was an active baby, but that day I was enjoying the beach too. Later that night/early morning, I was born.

Fast forward to childhood and I was a seawater, sun and sand fanatic! I loved the beach as a kid. I wanted the day to never end. From playing in the water to building sand castles, there was something about the beach. I hated leaving; I remember telling my mom that “I wanted to live at there.” She laughed of course…

Now as an adult, it’s the place that I rejuvenate, relax and release the tension and pressures of everyday life. It’s also where I feel closer to God. But there is something happening at our beaches…

They are filled with trash, Styrofoam and cigarette butts and after the rain, we are told to not get in the water because of all the debris and gunk that washes up on the shore. We have to do something.

Heal the Bay is a group that was started in 1985 that focuses on ending the dumping of untreated wastewater and works with communities, media and government agencies to educate about the causes and effects of pollution on our bays.

Heal the Bay also partners with volunteers in southern California through community action programs such as Nothin’ But Sand and Coastal Cleanup Day to help rid our beaches and waterways of trash and debris.

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On April 18, 2015 I was honored to join over 1000 volunteers to help clean up Santa Monica Beach at the Nothin’ But Sand Earth month event. It amazes me that we just dump our trash anywhere without thinking of the consequences of our actions. A friend attended the event with her family and among them; they picked up 309 cigarette butts within 2 hours. Just think about that for a second……309 cigarette butts picked up by a family of three. So, now imagine the amount that wasn’t picked and it still polluting our beaches and waters. It really makes you think about the amount of trash that we have over the vast area of our beautiful beaches.

Our environmental awareness is important because we have to think about the generations after us and what they will have to deal with when we’re gone. Imagine a world where your children or grandchildren won’t be allowed to experience the beaches the way we do today. If we don’t start to do our part, this will become a reality.

My Call To Action to you is….Find what’s important to you, whether it’s our beaches, global warming or deforestation. Whatever area interests you, start doing a little research to see how it’s impacting our environment and what you can do to help. Then, look into a local organization that you can volunteer with or even take classes so you become fully aware of the issues at hand. Believe me; one person can make a difference. Even more so, if that one person encourages another person then a difference will definitely be made.

In what ways are you working toward living a sustainable lifestyle and reducing your footprint?

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