5 Websites for Successful Women Entrepreneurs

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Being a #BossChick is an amazing journey and there is constantly room to grow and be better in your work life. As I continue to grow as an entrepreneur I’m always looking for ways to continue to gain knowledge and always keep a fresh an open mind to new ideas, strategies and procedures. These 5 Websites for Successful Women Entrepreneurs have definitely helped me along the way. I love the quote “Readers are Leaders” and I truly believe in this because you gain wisdom from looking at things from various prospectives.

As entrepreneurs there should be a constant drive to never stop learning and absorbing information especially in the field that you work in. With the rapid changes in the many industries, it’s best to stay on top of the current trends. Reading and learning more, is only a part of the plan. A successful entrepreneur must also build relationships with people in their field. Taking the time to listen and ask questions is important for personal growth.

Our growth as women in the business world is ever so important and I personally like to not only surround myself with women that are doing amazing things in their life, but I also like to utilize the digital world. As women, we have so many avenues in terms of websites to help you start and grow your business, network and connect with other entrepreneurs  across the world.

I’ve complied a list of some of my favorite websites that I think all women entrepreneurs should check out.

  1. CHIC CEO– I love CHIC CEO for various reasons, but most of all it’s one of the best websites for any woman who is looking to start a business. With the array of downloads, podcasts and articles you are sure to find information you need for starting and growing your business. The website is easy to navigate and the BIZ TOOL KIT gives you great resources from businesses cards to web domain hosting. If you want to get your business up and running within 3 days, sign up for the free 3-DAY CHIC START, which gives you three days of homework which will help you manage exactly what you want to see from your business.
  1. Ladies Who Launch– This website is so full of information from templates, documents, Expert advice and more. The website offers a free and premium version but unlike many websites that offer premium, Ladies Who Launch has plenty of information for those that are not ready to commit to the premium subscription. When I first started my business, I came across this website and love how there were templates for writing a business plan, which I was completely new at, but it was nice to be able to have a resource that made it easy. From webinars to local meetings and workshops, this website is perfect for the budding entrepreneur who needs templates and resources.
  1. Women 2.0– Women 2.0 is full of information from jobs, articles and they also have a meetup group in various cities. The website can feel overwhelming when you first log in because there is so much information to choose from but once you find your footing…There is no stopping you. There is always an article that fits whatever stage of business that you are in and it’s helpful tin keeping you on track.  The Meetups happen all over the world, so you are sure to find a local meetup in your city and if you don’t, they encourage you to send a note so they can start one locally. I find this to be so helpful, because meeting with other entrepreneurs is such a great was to encourage yourself to keep pushing forward.
  1. The Middle Finger Project–  Why do I love this website? Because it’s REAL! It’s funny, the language can sometimes be a bit crude and it’s some of the best advice that I’ve received as an entrepreneur. I love the community and educational platform, but most of all I like how I feel connected. The stories and testimonies resonate with me because I’m an entrepreneur who is afraid to take the next step but I take it anyway. I’m the person that my family says you shouldn’t do that and I try it. Yes, I may fail from time to time but failing is my learning curve. Actually, I don’t fail, I learn and this website has been such an inspiration. If you want to laugh, cry, jump for joy and get your business moving in the direction that means something to you, then this is a great site for you!
  2. The Boss Network – There are so many reasons to love this site, but most of all it’s because of the support of the women that are a part of this community. There is a one-time fee, but for the connections, advice and tools, it’s well worth it. Also, you receive discounts on the events hosted by the Boss Network, such as the Ladies that Lead Tour that I recently attended. Even on Instagram and Twitter, the Boss Network is so inspirational with vital information for the all entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, what resources have you found that keep you on track?


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