What’s In My Bag? Makeup Bag Edition

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As women, we each have certain essentials that must come with us everyday in our makeup bags and I’m no exception. There are a few essentials that I feel naked without, if they are not in my bag. Each women’s makeup bag differs greatly, some women will carry everything with them to be able to touch up makeup and even change their look for an evening out. If you’re like me then you probably carry the bare minimum to ensure that your makeup stays in place and you can do slight touch ups if necessary.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite essentials that go with me everyday in my cute Sephora “Breakups to Makeup” makeup bag. So, let’s talk about this bag for minute. I found this bag about 6 months after my husband and I separated. It was funny and I couldn’t resist. Plus after our breakup, I needed the laugh and this makeup bag does the job almost every time I pull it out. As you can tell the makeup bag is a nice size and can fit quite a bit of makeup, so for those days when I need to carry a little extra, it works out very well. Okay, let’s get into the contents of the bag.

  1. Evian Facial Spray – I use this spray to moisturize, refresh and hydrate my skin daily. It’s perfect mid afternoon pick me up after lunch to help fix any makeup issues and wake the skin up. I found this little pocket-size at Beauty Collection in Manhattan Beach and I reach for it often.
  2. BH Cosmetics Brush – I use this brush for my powder foundation. The density of the brush is perfect to touch up and blend out my makeup on the go. The dome shape picks up product well and distributes evenly. A must have in my makeup bag.
  3. Make Up Forever Pro-Finish Powder Foundation in 185 – I love this powder foundation because I can use it to control oil and give me minimum coverage or I can layer it on for a medium to full coverage foundation. To ensure that I don’t have a powdery or cakey look, I will spritz the Evian Facial Spray once I’ve applied the foundation.
  4. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy – During fall and winter months, I tend to have an issue with dry lips, but this Lip Therapy makes sure that my lips say stays well moisturized and soft. It’s a little on the pricy side, but it has been well worth the money to not deal with dry lips this season.
  5. Loreal Miss Manga Mascara – This mascara has stayed in my bag since the first day I purchased, so much so that I went out and purchased a second one just for my home makeup collection. I love the quality of this drugstore brand. It gives me the look I’m going for without looking funky on my lashes. I love how it slightly clumps the lashes together giving me the doll eye look.
  6. Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Bare Secret – This is my all time favorite nude lip gloss. It gives me slight color with a high shine payoff. I can layer this lip gloss over my favorite nude lipstick or wear on its on. It’s not to thick or thin and coats the lips nicely. For a drugstore brand, this is one of my faves!
  7. MAC Matte Lipstick in Stone – I could wear this lipstick everyday! I love the nude color with a slightly grayish undertone. You can wear this lipstick on its own or you can pair it with a brown lipliner such as Chestnut by MAC for a perfect pairing. Add the Milani lip gloss in Bare Secret and you are ready to hit the town.
  8. Purell Hand Sanitizer – With the cold/flu season upon us, it benefits everyone to carry a small hand sanitizer with you. I use the elevator at work, plus I open and close public doors all day, so when I’m not near a rest room to wash my hands, I make sure to add a little hand sanitizer to not only protect myself to also protect those around me.
  9. EOS Hand Lotion – I tend to wash my hands and use hand sanitizer throughout the day, which can be very drying. I always keep a hand lotion with me to ensure my hands stay moisturized. This EOS lotion is so convenient because of the shape and size, it’s fits perfectly into my makeup bag or pocket. These lotions are scented, so if you’re not a fan of scent than this may not be the lotion for you. It’s does dissipate after while and leaves a subtle scent that I love.

I’ve shared my essentials and I’d love to know what are your “must have” essentials in your makeup bag?makeup bag, whats in my bag, makeup, beauty products, Makeup Forever, Purell, EOS, Evian Facial Spray, BH Cosmetics brushes, MAC, Stone Lipstick, Milani Lip Gloss, First Aid Beauty, Miss Manga, Sephora, Breakups to makeup


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