I was born without a Uterus

Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, MRKH, Infertility, Motherhood

Today I broke down and cried. Tears rolled heavily down my face as I tried to shield myself so no one would see the tears falling. I tried my best to hold back the tears as I watched a YouTube video of a mother giving birth to her daughter while her husband stood by her side. […]

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Overcoming Fears // YouTube

Overcoming fears, fear, faith over fear, vlog, vlogging, Daily Vlog,

Hey Curvy Crew! Faith over Fear. I have a tattoo on my arm to remind me of this every day, however, I’m still fighting so many fears. Today, while I was reading “The 4-Hour Work Week“, it prosed two questions. “What is it costing you – financially, emotionally and physically – to postpone the action?” […]

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YouTube // Pink Makeup Look for Dark Skin

Pink Makeup, Makeup, Makeup for Dark Skin, Beauty, Dark Skin, Makeup for women of color, Women of Color,

Hey Curvy Crew! Hope that everyone had an amazing and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday. Recently, a subscriber reached out to me asked if I could create a Pink Makeup look for dark skin women and I jumped at the opportunity. I’m super excited to create content that you guys are looking for. So, don’t hesitate to send […]

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YouTube // Lane Bryant Winter Haul

Lane Bryant, Fashion, Haul, Fashion Haul, Plus Size, Plus Size Fashion, Plus Size Haul,

Hey Curvy Crew, With the weather finally starting to cool down, I was excited to find some winter pieces at Lane Bryant. From sweaters to my favorite jeans, I found some amazing pieces. Check out the full video to see everything I that picked up in my winter haul with Lane Bryant. Links to all […]

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Splitting Sides

Posh Shoppe, Plus Size, Outfit of the Day, OOTD, Nike, Lane Bryant, Plus Size Fashion, This Curvy Girls Life, Jana'e Michelle

Hey Curvy Crew, I’m all for a great outfit that incorporates a pair Nike’s! Yes, I’m a girl that loves a good pair of sneakers with pretty much any outfit. When I found this Dress from Posh Shoppe, I knew immediately how I wanted to style this look. I love street style, but more importantly, I […]

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Faith of a Mustard Seed

Faith, Mustard Seed, God, Jesus, Prayer, Bible, Spirit, Spiritual Journey, Faith of a Mustard Seed, This Curvy Girls Life, Jana'e Michelle

During the last few months, I’ve been meditating and praying over many areas of my life and thanking God in advance for His blessings. But I have to be completely honest, sometimes I forget to have faith and try to make things happen on my own. Of course, it never works out and then, I’m […]

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Stop Aging with this Firming Serum

Skincare didn’t become important to me until I was in my thirties. You see, I’ve been blessed with good genes, I’ve never really had acne and my skin is mostly normal with a little dryness. However one day, I started noticing my smile lines, my crows feet and how concealer would settle into the lines […]

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